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We at Kenon Adhesives Pvt Ltd. Provide you with the Trust of Brand and Best in Quality Products.

PVC Solvent Cement

We have one of the Finest PVC Solvent cement available in Bottle and Tin Packaging. Best in Class and Quality Assured

Gasket shellac Compound

We also have Gasket Shellac Compound.
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Making sure you get the Quality products you deserve.

Kenon Adhesives which was established in 1988 is a Registered Company and Quality Manufacturer of Solvent cements and other Plumbing Products which are used in Plumbing System. Kenon Adhesives is one of the Best Quality Adhesives Manufacturer in India. We Assure Quality Products to our Customers.
We Provide High Quality Tensile Strength and High Viscosity Products Meeting all the Necessary Guidelines.

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We at Kenon Adhesives Believe in Customer Satisfaction. We Deliver Quality Products and services

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