Kenon Adhesives Pvt. Ltd.  which was established in 1988 Previously Known as Kenon Enterprises is a Registered Company which incorporated to Kenon Adhesives Pvt. Ltd.  in 2018 is the Manufacturer of Best Quality Solvent cement and Rubber Lubricant, which are used in Piping System. Kenon Adhesives  is one of the Best quality manufacturer of the Solvent Cement and Rubber lubricant in the country. 

Quality Assaurance

Our Products Manufactured in the Kenon Adhesives Pvt Ltd. are the Supreme Quality products which undergo every possible tests for the Quality check.

Milan Solvent Cement has been a great Success in the market as the product delivers the best Quality and Customer Satisfaction as per the Requirements. Kenon Adhesives assures the customers about the Quality of the Products is the Supreme and does every Possible changes day-by-day to work on more better and Finest Quality product.

R & D Department

Our Research and Development Team work hard on improving and getting the more Better and Finest Quality Products, and also to Develop the new improved products to increase the Strength of the material.

Customer Satisfaction
Kenon Adhesives makes every possible way to work for the Customer satisfaction and we look Forward for a good output.

Kenon Adhesives aims to become the leading Manufacturer of solvent Cements in the country and to fullfill all thier Customers need and satisfy them with every Possible way, and to workhard to reach our Goals.

Mission & Vision

We at Kenon Adhesives look forward to be the market leader in Topmost Position and work hard to reach our goals through satisfying all the conditions and providing Best to Superior Quality Products in the market.